Parenting advice and support

Parenting advice and support

Your local Family Information Service may provide details on:

•       All registered childcare in the area

•       Leisure activities for children and families

•       Children’s Centres in your local area

•       Parenting and Family Support

To contact your local Family Information Service, visit the website and enter the details of your county or local authority area to find the contact details for your local FIS.

Early Help

Early Help is there to help you get hold of advice or support for a child or young person with needs that can’t be completely met by an individual service (like your GP or school). It works with families, children and young people from before they are born, right up until the age of 18 – or 25 years, where the young person has special educational needs or a disability. The aim of the service is to work with families to identify problems at an early stage, and provide useful support as soon as possible, to help solve those problems before they get worse.

To find out about Early Help in your area, speak to your Health Visitor or look on the Internet for further information. Try searching online, using the phrase “early help” and the name of your county to find out what is available near to you.

Start4Life NHS Information Service for Parents

Start4Life NHS Information Service for Parents is a digital (website, email and text) service for parents. You can watch the latest pregnancy and baby videos and sign-up to receive free, trusted advice via email or text on a wide range of topics, including:

•       Pregnancy

•       Labour and birth

•       Supporting your partner

•       Feeding your baby and toddler