Dadzclub Founding Father - Matt Foster

From paternal abandonment to family man & social entrepreneur…

I never knew my birth father, he left whilst I was too young to hold any lasting memories of him; and with the untimely death of my grandfather I once again found myself without a father figure.

For a longtime it was the youth workers, social workers and other professionals who all provided that positive parental influence. It is no wonder then perhaps that I later went on to work in similar professions for more than 16 years.

Becoming a father not only changed my life but it also fundamentally changed me as a person and during those long hours in the middle of the night whilst cuddling my baby girl in my arms I found myself promising to be the man my father wasn't for me and be for my daughter that person that I needed when I was young.

By the time my son was born two things had happened; I had caught the social entrepreneurial bug and identified the need for greater support for fathers. 

It wasn’t long before I was approaching Portsmouth City Council with my idea for Dadzclub…

An idea that today has grown into a unique, successful and supportive community of Dadz. It is my hope that we can develop new partnerships with other local authorities and replicate the massive success of Dadzclub in other areas.


Dadzclub Services

  • Dadzclub Super Saturdays ‘Stay & Play Group’
  • Dadzchat - Midweek Coffee, Cake & Catchup
  • Private Online Peer Support Network 
  • Parenting Workshops
  • Local Dadzclub Social Media Presence
  • Connection to National Dadzclub Network
  • Dadzclub Events & Community Inclusion
  • Dadzclub Ambassadors Scheme

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Exploring all things dad, the highs and the lows, Dadzclub has an active and supportive closed group just for us dads where we are building a supportive network of like minded fathers.