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Zoobles Mama and Zoobling Nursery Play Set

by Spinmaster

RRP £24.99

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From the manufacturer:

This is the perfect place to raise and nurture your baby Zooblings! With two floors, Mama and her twin babies can have hours of fun as they learn how to play the Zoobles way!

Sit them in the baby swings as Mama sways them back and forth. Use your highchair and nappy changing area to keep the twins well fed and clean. Then let them roll down the slide into their playpen and watch as they jump whenever Mama comes near! Take them for a stroll in your flight school pushchair as they learn to fly and spin around in circles above Mama's head!

Mama and her baby Zoobling twins love to have fun, and with all their activities the fun never ends! 2 hotspot activation points included.

Colours and styles vary.

For ages 4 years and over.


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