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Milky the Rabbit

by Flair

RRP £59.99

dadzclub reviewed the latest edition to the Emotion Pets range, an adorable Rabbit read more...

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From the Manufacturer:

Milky the Bunny

Emotion Pets from Flair are gorgeous, interactive plush toys that give little girls a cute, cuddly and true-to-life companion to look after and care for.

Milky is an adorable snow white bunny, sure to be popular with his moving eyes, nose, ears and ticklish feet!  He calls you when he wants to play and waits for your cuddles. Milky is joining Toffee the Pony, already a firm favourite. They’re both so soft and cuddly!

Both Toffee and Milky love a juicy carrot and you’ll hear their grumbles if they’re hungry! They’ll realistically nibble the carrot and while Toffee loves nothing more than a good brush, Milky is very ticklish. Tickle Milky under his feet and he starts swinging them and making cute sounds.

Just like real pets, Toffee and Milky can get scared, they will close their eyes and their ears will tremble. Girls will love to look after them and, with random functions, they’ll never know what they’re going to do next!


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