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Lego Pharaoh's Quest

by Lego

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2 reviews

2 reviews

  • 4 star Easy to build and Sturdy

    Ade and Bradley  (Surrey)13 March 2012

    Pros: Easy to Use, Fun


    Describe Yourself:

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend to a friend

    Bradley found this model easy to build with clear instructions to follow. He liked that it wasn't fragile so could be played with well without breaking.

  • 5 star Brilliant. Son loved it

    Steve (Newbury)01 March 2012

    Pros: Fun, Engaging


    Describe Yourself: Parent of Two or More

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend to a friend

    This toy went down a treat with my son. Not only does he love LEGO anyway - he is also in to Egypt at the moment (school topic). As with all LEGO, really well made; good instructions and very engaging. Another good range from LEGO.

From the Manufacturers:

Get set for an expedition of prophetic proportions with the new awesome ancient Egyptian-themed sets from LEGO®

If you don’t know your Scarabs from your Sphinx, or your Hieroglyphics from your Horus then the new LEGO Pharaoh’s Quest will take you on a journey through a mythical myriad of ancient prophecies, legends and curses.

Join our heroes: Professor Hale; Jake Raines; Mac McLoud; and Helena Skvalling for an all-out action adventure to find the six lost treasures of the legend of Amset-Ra.  Get your skates on though – the evil Pharaoh’s looking to break out of his hidden tomb and conquer the world……

Each of the six new sets features one of Pharaoh Amset-Ra’s treasures.  After resting by the camp fire, Jake Raines sets out in search of the Golden Crystal! Help him with the Scarab Attack (#7305, RRP: £3.99) to cheat the infamous beetle that has come alive to guard the treasure.

Mac McLoud races towards the temple on his motorbike in search of another of the treasures in Golden Staff Guardians (#7306, RRP: £8.99).  Mash those mummies with dynamite to stay ahead of the game.  Swooping down from the sky in Flying Mummy Attack (#7307, RRP:£14.99), Jake Raines uses the plane’s grab arm to take one of the riches from the obelisk below. It’s an SOS to his comrades though - two flying mummies appear to claim the Soul Diamond for their master and win this epic air battle.

The Cursed Cobra Statue (#7325, RRP:£25.99) sees Jake and Helena racing across the desert for the Golden Scarab Shield.  Hurry before the mummy snake charmer awakens the cursed cobra statue guarding the treasure.  It’s the return of the Mac with the Rise of the Sphinx (#7326, RRP: £40.99).  Throwing dynamite from his racing hotrod, McLoud blows a hole through the temple to grab another of the treasures. Looked easy but two mummies chant a magical spell to awaken the giant Sphinx guardian. Can Mac escape with the Golden Sword before it’s too late?

There’s a sting in the tail of the mega Scorpion Pyramid set (#7327, RRP:£71.99) which sees all of our heroes defying the depths of the Pharaoh’s Pyramid for a head-to-head battle with the malevolent mummy horde.  Help the heroes to navigate sliding doors, booby-trapped stairs and mummy tombs to seize the ultimate Golden Nemes.  Make a hash of this mission and our future rests in the clutches of the evil Amset-Ra.

LEGO Pharaoh’s Quest is suitable for ages 6+ and is available from all good toy shops nationwide.  Visit for further information.

LEGO and the LEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group.  ©2011 The LEGO Group


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