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From the manufacturer:

New from LEGO®... Dinosaurs are attacking the CITY!  With the latest, super-cool LEGO vehicles, only YOU have the power to out-smart this DINO threat!

The battle is coming!  A hidden nest of ferocious dinosaurs deep in the mountain forest have broken free and are charging towards the CITY.  Fire up your engine, track down the DINOs, and prepare to ambush! Can you succeed in fighting off a full-blown DINO attack?  It’s in your hands to help our brave heroes battle and capture the dinosaurs to save the CITY.  Our very civilisation depends on you!

Coelophysis Ambush (5882 RRP £8.99)

coelophysis action

On the lookout for DINOs, our intrepid hero sets off on his quad bike.  But wait!  An agile Coelophysis lies in wait, ready to pounce!  Can our brave hero spot it in time and use his tranquiliser gun before the DINO escapes?  Includes hero minifigure and coelophysis  dinosaur.


Pteranodon Tower (5883 RRP £17.99)

petranodon action

High up in the lakeside tower, our brave hero has just one mission ... to capture the terrorising Pteranodon using the fish bait and net shooter before it flies away!  Includes hero minifigure and pteranodon dinosaur.


Raptor Chase (5884 RRP £24.99)

raptorchase action

Hurry!  The speedy raptor is heading towards the CITY. Its stomping sounds and sharp, pointed teeth are sure to strike fear into anyone who crosses it. It must be stopped at all costs to avoid a full-scale DINO disaster!  Using the big-wheeled off-roader, fire the tranquiliser gun and capture it using the lasso.  Includes two hero minifigures and raptor dinosaur.


Triceratops Trapper (5885 RRP £39.99)

triceratops action

Unstoppable, the spikey tipped triceratops is on the rampage, with only one thing in its sights...the CITY!  Can you fire the tranquilliser weapons, lure it into the cage, and load the menacing creature onto the truck before it has a chance to reach there?!  Includes two hero minifigures and triceratops dinosaur.


T-Rex Hunter (5886 RRP £49.99)

t rex action

Danger! The ultimate iron predator, T-Rex, is on the loose! With one slight sweep of its tail, it can demolish buildings and crush anything in its path!  It’s your job to strap the harness around the mighty T-REX and winch the monster back to the forest with the heavy-lift helicopter.  Failure isn’t an option!  Includes two hero minifigures and T-Rex dinosaur.


Dino Defence HQ (5887 £79.99)

dino defence action

At Dino Defense HQ, the heroes are preparing to battle the mighty DINOs.  Equipped with a communications centre, laboratory and tranquilliser refilling station, it’s a hive of activity.  That is, until the mighty dinos attack!  Close the gates, fire the tranquilliser weapons and capture the dinos with the crane and net.  They’ll wish they’d stayed in the forest!  Includes four hero minifigures, three dinosaurs, helicopter and car.


LEGO and the LEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group.  ©2012 The LEGO Group.



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