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hexbug nano

by Hexbug

RRP from £8.99

These little 'bugs' will keep your little ones entertained for hours - and they are so simple!  read more...

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There’s a new bug in the house, but the kids won’t let you swat this one with a rolled up news paper!

dadzclub has been sent the new Hexbug Nano to play with and we love it.

Gone are the days of the kids bringing bugs into the house, when they can watch the Hexbug Nano frantically manoeuvre around the room. These Micro Robotic Creatures are great for the kids to chase around the room or let them build a fantastic Hexbug Nano habitat (see image above)

These little creatures will literally let nothing get in their way. If they come to a corner, they simply spin around until they find a way out. We   found ourselves trying to put them in impossible situations just to see if they could escape, and you better believe they did. Fast!!

The Hexbug Nano, made by Innovation First Inc, encourage children to have a “positive experience with robotics at a young age”. Hexbug's each come with a code that you can enter online for online play. You can also learn about science and famous scientists, play games in addition to registering your Nano and keeping track of your collection.

At £8.99 these great creatures will keep you entertained at any age!

1 Battery Included


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