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UV Angel

UV Angel

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Award winning and extremely ingeniuos jewellery with child safety in mind read more...

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Very very clever and kids really enjoy making these pieces of jewellery too!

A few words from the manufacturer:

"The intensity of the sun's ultra violet (UV) rays and the serious sunburn these can cause should never be underestimated, even here in the UK. Sunburn can lead to premature ageing and more seriously, skin cancer.

UV Angel specialise in unique handmade jewellery and accessories which feature a range of amazing beads that are highly sensitive to UV rays and dramatically change colour (from clear to wonderful bright tones) when taken outside, even on an overcast day.

The colour change is a timely, important reminder to double- check your sun protection.

All UV Angel products are designed to be fun and fashionable, but with a serious message. Ideal as a thoughtful gift to show you care."

Anything that can both entertain and protect gets the dadzclub seal of approval!


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