Stay Safe

A free personal guardian app which turns your iPhone into an emergency life line has been launched in the UK

Launched by web and mobile solutions agency One Result, Stay Safe is the UK’s first iPhone app designed to keep users safe when working, relaxing or travelling alone.

The app incorporates GPS tracking with a unique web-based alert system to allow users to let their friends and family know exactly where they are when help is needed urgently, even if they are unable to use their phone due to accident or attack. 

How the app works

Users set up a secure PIN the first time the app is used.  They then enter details of appointments, meetings or journeys into the app, and set a timer for how long they expect this activity to take. They also select emergency contacts from their phone address book.  This data is transferred via a secure web service to a web based server.

Once the timer begins, the phone’s GPS location is updated every minute, closely tracking the user’s location. Five minutes before the time set for activity to end, the phone will begin to beep and vibrate to remind the user that they need to cancel the alert or manually extend the timer.  If they do not, the app alert will be triggered and emergency contacts will receive a simple SMS or email message with a URL containing a link to a StaySafe Alert Page complete with their last known location. 

The alert system is controlled by the web service and is not dependant on the mobile device, so once the alert is set the app will continue to notify emergency contacts even if the phone is switched off or damaged, of if its battery dies.

A panic button feature also allows users to discretely raise the alarm should they suddenly be put at risk, which immediately sends an alert and GPS location to emergency contacts.  As an additional safety feature, a ‘duress’ PIN can be entered if the user is forced to cancel the alert by an attacker.  Whilst giving the impression that the app has been deactivated, entering the duress PIN will send an alert.

Through in-app purchasing, users can upgrade to Stay Safe Premium, which is charged at £4.99 per month and includes additional features such as advanced GPS tracking.

Watch the video on Stay Safe below:

Dave Carruthers, Managing Director of One Result commented: “Most of us will spend some time alone each day, even if just when travelling to work or heading home after a night out.  It can be a time at which we feel at our most vulnerable, and we wanted to find a way to make people feel more secure without having to invest in expensive personal safety technology.

“Stay Safe was developed as a way to turn something many people carry with them all the time – their mobile phone – into a personal guardian that would let their friends and family know immediately if they were in danger even if they were unable to make a call or send a text. 

In the worst-case scenario of a user having an accident, being attacked or held against their will, Stay Safe would let their emergency contacts know that they were at risk, provide any details about the meeting, date or journey that the user had given, and identify the phone’s exact GPS location.

Obviously we hope that none of our users will ever be put at risk, but Stay Safe offers the peace of mind that if they are, help can be notified and reach them quickly.”

For more information on this app visit the Stay Safe Website.

What do you think of this app? Would you feel happier knowing your child has this facility on their phone.  Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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    • Anil
    • Wednesday 27 June 2012 12:36 PM
    • Brilliant article. Very relevant and suitable to families for an added peace of mind.

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