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In the first of our top tips from resident 'UberMummy', Alexa Tyler-Scott gives us the female perspective on things

Giving birth is one of the most amazing and traumatic experiences a woman can go through.

Not only will your partner be recovering from the physiological aspects of child birth, her emotional state will be pushed to the limit with sleep deprivation and uncontrollable hormones.

Offering your partner a gift after giving birth seems like a nice idea. In reality however, doing these simple things may be more appreciated:

* Ultimately just being there to help out should be your main priority in the first week after the arrival of your baby.

A caesarean section or a difficult birth can make the simplest of tasks a challenge - getting out of bed, having a shower or bath or even washing hair can be incredibly difficult and exhausting. Your partner will need help to do all these things.

* The offer to do night feeds or even just waking up and keeping your partner company will make her feel that she’s not alone and unsupported.

When you go back to work, it may be unsustainable to do this. However, you could offer to do it at the weekend or get up early on a Saturday or Sunday and let her catch up on a few hours’ sleep - a couple of extra hours can make the world of difference to your partner's physical and emotional state!

* Six weeks after the baby is born your partner should have fully recovered. However, after giving birth women often suffer from a lack of self-esteem. We have very little time for ourselves as we are constantly tending to the baby. So this is the time to treat her - pay for her to go to a spa to have a fully body massage. Carrying a baby around can really strain your back so a massage will sooth any aches and pains. Book her an appointment at her favourite hair dressers - a new haircut will boost her confidence.

* Lastly, find a reliable baby sitter, and go out, even if it’s twice a month for a couple of hours to just have dinner. Make time for each other and get out of the house!


Alexa Tyler-Scott – www.ubermummy.com

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